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Welcome to PC Split screen, providing you with all the information you will ever need about Split Screen gaming on the often overlooked PC platform. Here you will find a list of PC games which support split screen or local multiplayer gamemodes. Split screen on the PC is twice as fun as the consoles provided you have the hardware. No fps drops, better graphics and bigger resolutions. To learn how to get started and for a list of recommended accessories click here. You will find the game browser at the bottom of this page.

I also have a YouTube Channel 'LordShoot2Kill' on which I play, commentate and review video games so if you're really bored and don't mind excessive foul language check me out. :)



Latest PC Split Screen News

Portal 2PC Split Screen

23/11/2012 - Portal 2 has just been patched by valve to now include a split screen co-op game mode. Already with functioning split screen before this new update makes the process a lot easier, no more fiddling around in the console to enable it, you can now do so from the main menu. This is brilliant news and I guess we can expect to see more split screen games from future releases. It's about time more game company stopped stripping their PC releases of Split Screen game modes. We can only assume Valve will also be patching L4D2 at some point in the future to make setting up split screen much easier for that too. Stay tuned for more Split Screen Pc news!




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